About Catherine Armand

I was born in Paris and live in Madrid.

After many years working in a different field, I decided in 2010 to get fully involved in photography and make it something more than just a passion. I started an 8 month professional course of photography at EFTI, in Madrid. Convinced of my decision, I continued with an MFA in photography at EFTI and graduated in  December 2011. I attended workshops with José Ramón Bas,  Alejandro Castellote,  Lottie Davies,  Manuel de  los  Galanes, Ciuco  Gutiérrez, Chema Madoz, José Luis Malibrán, Fernando Marcos, Olav Maartens, Jesús Mico, Santiago Olmo, Jorge Salgado, Amador Toril and Alfonso Zubiaga among others.

These studies have helped me develop and express my personal vision and aesthetic through photography. As a result my work is becoming recognized, having been shown in several collective exhibitions in Spain and abroad, with a number of photos from my series "Pensamientos" having been acquired by a Spanish cultural institution for its private collection.